A Fun Family Shoot!

We recently had the pleasure of photographing our Valentine’s competition winner, Chris, and his fabulous family, Claire, Liam, Amelia and, of course, star model, Max the dog.


The family’s choice of location was Jesmond Dene, a haven of tranquility and never-ending beauty.  Once again, the gods were looking down on us and sent a ray of sunshine, even though according to the forecast all odds were against us!

After a moody start…


…it didn’t take long for Amelia’s frown to turn upside down and show her adorable dimples, with a little help from big brother Liam.

Collage 6

And with so many amazing trees to take advantage of, who could resist a game of peek-a-boo?


We were certain that Max had done this before, with his confident posing and enthusiasm for the camera.

Collage 7

And taking a casual stroll through the dene, the family looked like they didn’t have a care in the world amongst such beautiful surroundings.


Then Chris and Claire shared a romantic moment on the bridge, ahhhhh! ❤️💕💗


Exploring further than Chris and Claire had ventured through Jesmond Dene before and with ruined buildings, the old flour mill and the most picturesque bridges we certainly made it a shoot to remember!

Collage 8

And with the sunshine and amazing nature putting a spring in all our steps we couldn’t resist ending a wonderful day by heading to the iconic Armstrong Bridge for some extra shots.

Collage 9083

A fantastic day was had by all and we’re sure Max wanted to book in his next shoot! 🙂

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